Personalization: Building Trust in Your Business

A study by TJIP The Platform Engineers shows that 72% of consumers of financial service providers expect to be approached regularly and with a personalized offer. This is entirely in line with a recent study by McKinsey & Company (Next in Personalization 2021 Report), where 71% of consumers indicated that they expect personalized interactions from a company. When this does not happen, 76% even become so frustrated that they look for another company!

Not starting with personalization means you will inevitably lose many customers because expectations are not met. In this article published in VVP, the leading platform for financial advisors, you will read about the how and what of personalization, resulting in higher customer loyalty.

Special thanks to Wilbert Beelen, digital marketing specialist at Univé, and Mark Kruisman, senior marketing specialist at Centraal Beheer, for their input.

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