Proven Partners Empowering Insurers and Brokers

ANVA As an advanced partner of ANVA, the market leader in insurance software in the Netherlands, we leverage their robust platform to enhance our AI solutions.

Brightfox For our clients using Salesforce, we work with BrightFox, the leading Salesforce competence center in the Netherlands.

Brush AI In collaboration with Brush, we not only build AI systems but ensure they are Responsible AI (RAI) systems.

Building Blocks Our roots are with Building Blocks, now part of, boasting over eight years of AI experience.

CCS With a 35-year track record, CCS supports more than 2,000 insurers and intermediaries with state-of-the-art software solutions.

Cronos Group We are part of the Cronos Group, the largest IT service provider in Belgium, with over 11,000 employees in several European countries and more than €1 billion in revenue.

Dialog Group Exceding customer’s expectations with an omnichannel customer experience and conversational intelligence solutions.

InsuranceData A successful collaboration between Grijpma ASG and SVC controlling & advice ensures a perfect management information system and highly reliable data sources for our algorithms

Integr When data transfer becomes complex, we rely on Integr for seamless and error-free solutions.

Into Analytics The specialist in data integration and data management.

MarshBerry A global leader in corporate finance advisory, business planning and leadership in the insurance brokerage and wealth management industries.

Novulo Their low-code platform enables our clients to quickly build perfectly tailored software.

Transforming Predictions into Policies with Proven Integrations

Through our extensive knowledge of existing back-end and front-end systems, we, alongside our partners, smartly integrate and operationalize our solutions into your existing processes. We extract data from your back-end systems, analyze it with complex algorithms, and deliver tailored predictions to your front-end systems. This enables you to scale your advisory process (informing, advising, mediating) and transition from reactive to proactive customer management.

Discover What The Onesurance AI Engine Can Do for You

Ready to transform your insurance business with data-driven insights and advanced AI capabilities? Contact us today to learn more about how Onesurance AI Engine can help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition.

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