We offer a high value – low risk first step

At Onesurance, we offer a high-value, low-risk first step to harness the power of AI in your insurance business: the Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA). This comprehensive service, available for a fixed fee starting at €5,000 only, allows you to see the potential of our AI solutions using a limited set of anonymized data.

Our Exploratory Data Analysis Process Includes these 5 steps:

Step 01

Data Preparation
  • Data Collection

Through our partners or via a data dump of fully anonymized data.

  • Data Processing and Cleaning
  • Ensuring your data is clean and ready for analysis.

Step 02

Descriptives & Definitions

  • Descriptive Portfolio Analysis: Initial examination of your data.
  • Churn Definitions:
    1. Customers who churn all policies.
    2. Customers who churn all non-life policies.
    3. Customers who churn all liability and car policies.

Step 03

Automated Feature Engineering

  • Feature Development: Incorporating 30+ features into the ML model.
  • Customer Value Definition: Assessing cross-sell potential and handling costs.

Step 04

Automated Model Building

  • Automatic Feature Selection: Efficiently identifying the most relevant data features.
  • Training Multiple Models: Developing and training over 10 ML models.
  • Automated Cross Validations: Ensuring model reliability and accuracy.

Step 05

Model Evaluation

  • Accuracy Metrics: Evaluating the precision of our ML models.
  • Business KPI’s Foresights & Benchmarks:
    1. Consumer and commercial insights.
    2. Life and non-life business perspectives.
    3. Department and consultant performance benchmarks.

Interactive Dashboard Integration

We integrate predictions of churn and customer lifetime value into an interactive dashboard. This allows us to collaboratively determine the business case and identify the most beneficial modules for your specific needs.

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