Our Vision

As an insurer, broker, or intermediary, your goal is to operate with future-proof efficiency, delivering the right attention to the right customers at the right time.
We believe data and AI technology are pivotal to achieving this goal. While hiring more advisors is costly and not scalable, AI’s self-learning algorithms offer a solution.

Our Mission

However, insurance is fundamentally about trust and people. Our mission is to support, not replace, your employees. We automate where possible and maintain the human touch where necessary—a concept we call “human in the loop.”

We want to create a win-win situation for all stakeholders in the insurance industry through data and AI:
A win for the policyholder: Always the right coverage at a fair rate.
A win for the insurer: A profitable portfolio in the long term.
A win for the advisor: The ability to use human skills at the right moment.
A win for society: Sustainable and responsible insurance products.

Join the Onesurance Adventure: Where Innovation Meets Impact

Onesurance is a leading deep-tech data science firm that caters to insurers, proxy brokers, and intermediary companies.

At the core of Onesurance’s operations lies the Onesurance AI Decision Engine, a sophisticated platform comprising intricate algorithms. Leveraging data sourced from back-office systems, this engine yields exceptionally accurate predictions aimed at enhancing operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Delivered through Predictions as a Service (PrAAS), Onesurance ensures maximum relief for its clientele.

Established in 2022, Onesurance BV was founded by industry veterans with a track record of developing and implementing cutting-edge data science solutions at Building Blocks, a part of CM.com. Notably, our founders’ work led to winning the NVGA Innovation Award in 2019 and nominations in 2024. While Building Blocks serves various sectors like retail and travel, Onesurance is laser-focused on the insurance industry.

Our Culture

Innovation is at the core of our culture. We set ambitious goals, aiming for solutions that significantly improve existing processes. Trust and autonomy are foundational values at Onesurance. We believe in the integrity and honesty of our people, and everyone has the autonomy to make the best decisions as long as they contribute to our innovation goals.

Our Core Values

Our team

At Onesurance, our team is a powerhouse of expertise, boasting a diverse blend of skills and backgrounds. From multi-disciplinary insurance experts to seasoned AI strategists and ML engineers, each member brings over 8 to 10 years of invaluable experience in the field of data science.

Our ML Ops engineers ensure seamless deployment and management of machine learning models, while our Responsible AI masters uphold ethical standards in every aspect of our work. With a deep understanding of insurance intricacies, our data engineers and architects design robust data pipelines and architectures tailored to the industry’s unique needs.

Driven by a passion for innovation and excellence, our delivery managers ensure timely and successful project delivery, exceeding expectations at every turn. Each member of our team has previously collaborated with industry giants like Samsung, Coca Cola, and Corendon, integrating algorithms that have reshaped business landscapes.

Now, with a laser focus on the insurance sector, our team is dedicated to revolutionizing the industry, one algorithm at a time. With Onesurance, you’re in capable hands, guided by experts who are committed to your success.

As of September 2022, Onesurance is proud to be part of the Cronos Group, the largest ICT service provider in Belgium, with over 11,000 employees and €1 billion in revenue. This affiliation allows us to scale quickly and leverage the extensive expertise from our sister companies within the Cronos Group, ensuring we have all the necessary (complementary) ICT specialists readily available.

"We are one, but we are not the same. We get to carry each other” (U2)

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Join Our Team

We are continuously seeking individuals who resonate with our mission and values. If you’re a data scientist eager to make an impact and be part of an exciting journey, we want to meet you. At Onesurance, you’ll find a culture of high expectations coupled with trust and autonomy. Join us at our offices in Breda, Amsterdam, or Antwerp for a no-obligation introduction and see how you can be part of our adventure.

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