Frequently Asked Questions

The Onesurance AI Engine is an advanced AI-powered solution specifically designed for insurers, brokers, and intermediaries to enhance customer management, reduce churn, and optimize cross-selling and upselling opportunities

We offer an Exploratory Data Analysis. This EDA involves collecting anonymized data, processing and cleaning it, performing descriptive portfolio analysis, feature engineering, model building, and model evaluation. This helps us identify the best AI solutions for your business.

Yes, we ensure that all data is securely hosted in isolated containers in the Azure Cloud and only anonymized data is used during the EDA process

We require a limited set of anonymized data, which can be provided through a data dump or collected via our partners.

The EDA process typically takes one week, depending on the complexity and volume of the data provided.

The EDA is available for a fixed fee ranging from €3,000 to €8,000, depending on the scope and requirements of your analysis.

We use automated feature selection, train over 10 ML models, and conduct automated cross validations to ensure the accuracy and reliability of our predictions.

Benefits include reduced churn, increased policy density, enhanced advisor efficiency, improved straight-through processing rates, optimized operational efficiency, and ensured compliance with regulatory standards.

We use APIs to seamlessly connect with your back-end data sources and integrate predictions into your front-end applications through interactive dashboards.

'Human in the loop' refers to our approach of supporting rather than replacing your employees with AI. It ensures that automation is balanced with human oversight and interaction where necessary.

Yes, our AI Engine is designed to help maintain high standards of customer care and regulatory compliance by providing scalable, informed customer interactions.

We provide comprehensive support during the integration process and ongoing support to ensure the continuous effectiveness of our AI solutions.

Absolutely, our AI Engine is modular and can be tailored to meet the unique requirements of your business.

We strictly adhere to data privacy regulations, ensuring all data is anonymized and securely handled throughout the process.

Our exclusive focus on the insurance sector, combined with our deep industry knowledge and strategic partnerships, ensures that our AI solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique challenges and opportunities in the insurance industry.

Yes, we comply with GDPR and other international data protection regulations, ensuring that all data handling practices meet the highest standards of privacy and security.

We have strict access controls and audit trails in place to monitor data usage. Only authorized personnel have access to your data, and all activities are logged and reviewed to prevent misuse.

After the EDA process, we ensure that all anonymized data is either securely archived or deleted in accordance with your preferences and regulatory requirements.

Based on the insights from the EDA, we work with you to select specific modules that best address your business needs. These modules are then used to provide predictions as a service (PaaS), ensuring continuous and accurate predictions.

Predictions as a Service (PraaS) is a solution where Onesurance continuously provides actionable predictions based on your data, without the need for you to manage the underlying infrastructure or models. This fully managed service allows you to focus on utilizing the predictions to drive business decisions.

The benefits of PraaS include:

      • No Need for In-House Expertise: Leverage advanced AI capabilities without needing a specialized in-house team.
      • Cost Efficiency: Avoid the costs associated with building and maintaining AI infrastructure.
      • Scalability: Easily scale predictions as your business grows.
      • Continuous Improvement: Our team continuously monitors and updates the models to ensure optimal performance.
      • Focus on Core Business: Free up your team to focus on strategic initiatives rather than managing AI models.

Predictions are delivered through APIs directly into your existing front-end applications, enabling seamless integration and immediate usability.

Yes, as part of our service, we provide a demo or pilot phase where you can see real-world examples of how our predictions can benefit your business. This helps you make an informed decision about fully implementing our PraaS solution.

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