Keynote Dutch foundation certification insurance professionals

This week our CTO and co-founder Dennie van den Biggelaar  was the keynote speaker as listed in this linkedin post on AI in insurance for 120 members of the Stichting Assurantie Registratie (SAR). It was a great turnout of advisors under the RMiA, RGA, and RPA recognition schemes.

The Stichting Assurantie Registratie (SAR) is a Dutch foundation focused on the certification and registration of insurance professionals. SAR aims to uphold high standards within the insurance industry by recognizing and accrediting professionals who meet specific educational and professional criteria. These certifications, such as RMiA (Registered Mortgage Advisor), RGA (Registered Insurance Advisor), and RPA (Registered Pension Advisor), ensure that members possess the necessary knowledge and skills to provide quality advice and services to clients. The foundation also organizes events, training, and continuous professional development opportunities for its members to stay updated with industry trends and regulations.

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